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Apple Delays Launch of Mixed-Reality Headset to June Due to Technical Challenges

Why did this happen and what does it mean?

  • Apple has delayed the launch of its first mixed-reality headset from April to June due to hardware and software issues.

  • The company plans to unveil the product at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, and then release it later in the year.

  • The mixed-reality headset combines virtual and augmented reality and will cost around $3,000.

  • The device will feature a new operating system called xrOS, with a 3D-like view of the iPhone interface, and a range of apps and an App Store.

  • The hardware includes a Mac-grade M2 chip, 4K virtual reality displays, and a complex array of cameras for augmented reality.

  • Apple is working on issues with sensors, battery life, and performance, and has offloaded the device's battery to an external pack that will sit in the user's pocket.

  • Apple engineers have expressed concerns that the device may be too expensive and that the market is still too nascent.

  • Apple is already planning a cheaper version with less powerful components for release in 2024.

  • Apple has indefinitely postponed work on standalone augmented reality glasses.

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