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Canadian Government Invests $39.3 Million in Artificial Intelligence Projects Through Scale AI

The scoop:

  • The Canadian federal government will invest $39.3 million in over a dozen artificial intelligence projects across various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and aeronautics.

  • The funding will be invested through Scale AI, a Montreal-based technology supercluster funded by the federal and Quebec governments.

  • Private investors are also participating in the latest financing round, bringing the total investment to $117 million.

  • 15 projects will receive funds, including $9.3 million for Coveo and IVADO Labs to develop machine learning and personalization algorithms for retailers, $8.5 million for McCain Foods to reduce potato waste, and $1.5 million to optimize aircraft maintenance for Bombardier clients.

  • Scale AI has contributed to advancing the adoption of AI for many Canadian companies and prioritizes projects with positive impact on society.

  • However, some critics question the funding strategy as most of the benefits and profits will be retained by the companies and the return on investment for the community is uncertain.

  • Some projects may also have implications for workers' rights, which may warrant broader consultations with stakeholders before funding.

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