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Spotify's Founder Has Developed An AI-Powered Body Health Scanner

What's all the hype around this about?

  • Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify, has confirmed the rumors of his new health tech startup, Neko

  • The startup officially launched a proprietary, non-invasive body scanning service in its first health center in Stockholm, Sweden

  • The scan aims to provide an extensive examination of health and is initially aimed at people with skin and heart concerns

  • The scan takes 15 minutes and is followed by an in-person doctor's consultation to discuss the results

  • Neko's pitch is centered around preventive healthcare, with the goal of flipping the traditional reactive healthcare model to one of proactivity and early detection

  • The startup uses technology with the latest advances in sensors and AI to record over 50 million data points and 15 GB of health data "in minutes"

  • Users will have access to a summary of their health data through an app that allows them to follow their health trends

  • A visit to the Stockholm center costs SEK 1,500 ($140) for a limited time, with the full price being SEK 2,000

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